Floats & Indicators

Salmon / Steelhead floats

Clearly invisible from the bottom, these floats are ultra sensitive to detect the smallest strike.  Individually packaged and comes Twelve (12) per box.

Sizes as follows:

No. 3 - 20g
No. 4 - 25g
No. 5 - 35g

Chironomid Strike Indicators

Designed for trout fishing, these quick release indicators make detecting strikes super easy.  We carry assortment of styles.  Please send inquiry to our email address for stock and availablility.


Sizes 1/2", 3/4" and 1"

Colours: Hi-Vis Red & Chartreuse

Shapes: Round and Pear

Style: Slotted and Solid


Strike Indicators for fly fishing

Popper style floats, sliding insert right onto line and stick the float back in tight.  Ideal for nymph fishing in waters upto 9 feet deep.